Invitation to Freedom

Within each of our physical forms lies the mystery of Being. Apart from one’s physical appearance, personality, gender, history, occupation, hopes and dreams, comings and goings, there lies an infinite silence, an abyss of stillness charged with an etheric presence.

There is a profound alchemical transforming power in the simple act of becoming aware of our primordial ground of Being – Presence. Eventually, we come to rest and know ourselves as that peaceful, spacious ground in which natural letting go happens.

What you trully are stands content, and free, but certain conditioned lies belived drive our human experience, distort reality and perpetuate suffering.  By resting as awareness ungluing from words, pictures and energies we can release emotional pain, and trauma, undo fear-based beliefs and slowly begin to rest as a whole; utterly nourishing, separation free existence.

Online Gathering every Tuesday 11:00 AM EST


Weekly Meetings

Come and rest with me.


Guided natural rest is pointing to the ever present unchanging reality – direct pointers create space in the stream of thinking for the recognition of that which is already here, evoking the remembrance of one’s true state beyond thought and form.  


Spontaneous meditation is the art of simply Being which is uncovered through complete relaxation of allowing awareness to move freely, allowing the moment to blossom as is without resistance or manipulation to the ways it manifests. In such relaxation, spontaneous meditation happens, and our humanness can rest & bathe in the openness and the spaciousness of our true nature, in the ever available Presence.


Join me in Being, every Tuesday 11AM EST


Transformational Coaching

Many of us are exhausted and dissatisfied with life, looking outside ourselves to resolve deep suffering, and this moves me deeply to remind you of the Real. By relaxing our awareness from words, pictures and energies we can release emotional pain, undo fear-based beliefs and slowly begin to rest as a whole; utterly nourishing, separation free existence. Experience the freedom, let me show you the peace of our natural state.

When we begin to experience life from our spacious nature, our common ground with everything opens up as a new way of seeing, living and being. I am here to show you your restful-nature, from which you can start living an entirely magical, purposeful and balanced life.

The process of evolution in human consciousness and the use of language has taken a long devastating toll on the sanity of the world. Living under the illusion of a false identity only brings repetitive suffering for ourselves and those around us. I invite you on the journey of return, to see and experience what undivided Reality truly is. A return to your timeless nature. A shift in perception, and the first fundamental step to permanent transformation.

We are seeing life as a distorted reality; relating to ourselves and each other through emotional wounds, and their protective systems, which obscure our innate capacity to love unconditionally and care without dependency for anything in return. Through gentle and loving guidance, the liberation of limiting beliefs and childhood traumas will finally facilitate the experience of openness, intimacy, and true expansion in emotional intelligence.

The deepening continues… the last stage of embodied awake living is learning how to listen to nature’s impulse and the subtle silent whispers that unfold our spiritual autonomy, and the joy of service and impact. The developing trust in reality and its supportive presence magically orchestrates people, opportunities and resources–it becomes the playground for creative flow and abundant limitless living beyond anything we could ever imagine.

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