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The Apparent Merge

Beauty and pain can only arise and rest within the Space of You

Nature is blooming, it is a great opportunity to join it’s effortless flow…

Relax your body, relax your listening allow any sounds to be fully welcomed, let awareness relax into being, embrace what this moment holds – you are this moment and the inherent allowing of the way it manifests… notice any resistance by which the dreaming mind is constantly veiling the living freedom of what is. If irritation arises observe it and give it permission to relax into the sanctuary of this moment of spring.

The beauty of a singing bird is a deeper calling to rediscover that your very essence is what allows these melodies to emerge, tasted and silently embraced. There are no two here (you and the bird) there is only Life arising out of still nothingness as hearing and the sweet chirping sound.

Have you ever noticed what’s hiding behind the mask of “me”? – If you’re ever curious to find out and see if Life can live without it, simply look at nature and marvel at the harmony, beauty and flow it manifests as. There is no mind there to clam any ownership, LIFE IS LIVING.  

Nothing stands between you and everything else, only a belief in words and pictures is veiling this truth.

In the silence of thought and ebb of wanting, Truth is revealed.