This work treats human suffering in all its forms. Especially psychologically-induced suffering. All the heavy stuff we pick up from childhood and carry into our futures and sometimes to the end of our lives.


Human suffering is almost always a result of deep programming-conditioning in the bodymind. Where and how and when we acquired such programs is immaterial in this work. We don’t need hundreds of hours of thinking or talking or journaling, nor years and years of trying and failing, nor performing mental-emotional-spiritual gymnastics to make the suffering bearable. We can clear it completely, and all we need is our body, our mind, and our willingness to be free. More about my personal KI Journey.

“If you inquire skillfully, any profound change you experience will be highly contagious to those around you and to those you talk to. It will positively affect everyone you meet. That’s how we truly change the world for the better! We start from within...” - Scott Kiloby

An age old practice in a modern world


The Kiloby Inquiries pair the age old practice of self-inquiry with practical, accessible, and evidence-based methods of grounding in the present moment. Inquiry allows us to unearth the fears, beliefs, and deficiency stories that drive suffering in its many forms.


The Kiloby Inquiries are different than any of the work Scott has developed in the past. They contain a strong element of teaching people to abide in the peace and clarity of the present moment.  In addition, KI contains tools that have the ability to bring up to the surface unconscious stories, beliefs, traumas and repressed emotions that help clear the somatic body, making it easier to live in presence.

My mentor and Founder

Scott Kiloby


Scott Kiloby is a noted author and international speaker on the subject of freedom through non-dual recognition (authentic spiritual awakening as it is taught in the East). He is the author of seven books and has traveled the world extensively giving lectures, workshops and intensives on spiritual awakening and the healing of addiction, anxiety, depression and trauma. He is a California Registered Addiction Specialist. He is the co-developer of a new model of addiction recovery that is based on inquiry and unconditional love.

What People Say about

The Kiloby Inquiries


 “The principals and wisdom on which [Scott’s work] rests is like bedrock – solid. The tools are razor sharp and profound, and by far the most effective I’ve come across after twenty years of seeking.” – Jared


“The Kiloby inquiries radically changed my spiritual seeking.  I had been part of different spiritual communities and retreats for over 20 years.   I tried the 12 step program.  However, it was the Kiloby Inquiries that broke the thoughts, emotions, and sensations down into manageable pieces. I can spend most of my time now just being with whatever arises in any given moment.” – Valerie. K


 “I still do have deficiency stories and emotions come up, the difference is, now I know what to do about them. Now I have the tools to look at them and allow them to be without having to avoid them. This makes a world of difference and everything looks much brighter than before.” – Juuso Voltti | Certified KI Facilitator

Freedom from suffering

The alchemy of regular KI practice


Everyone is different, and everyone uses this work at a different pace. This work brings insight and presence that shows up when you are no longer entangled into your old programming. With regular sessions, you can expect a shift in perspective.


It can sometimes be hard to explain this in words, but as you let go of programs and beliefs that are burdening you or creating suffering, division, or conflict with other people, there is an experience of true freedom and peace. 

You can expect to notice this freedom and peace even more with ongoing work. There are people who have been practicing inquiry for years. The interesting thing is that when someone has been very immersed in this work, even if I do not see eye to eye or agree with them, I can feel and experience a sense of presence with them. – Scott Kiloby
MY invitation to you!


Presence Alchemy is a container for spiritual, visionary, empathic, and gifted individuals to move through fear and into the world more fully with their gifts, recognizing their true unwounded, unlimited nature.


If you know you can no longer wait to do this, and you also want to move beyond endlessly trying to fix yourself.


– Dissolve beliefs, fears, and addictions that give rise to suffering.

– Connect with the deep wisdom of your body & discover trust in life.

– Integrate your abandoned, neglected or rejected parts.

– Tenderly hold wounds & negative beliefs, beyond judgment and shame.

– Experience the relief of ending the war against yourself.

– Chip away the false that conceal your restful, fundamental nature.

– Become intimate with every aspect of yourself, and living.

– Make the new-found sense of freedom a foundation of a new Life.


Then let’s connect one on one.