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What is in the way of Love?

In emails my signature begins with; Inquire, Meditate, Live from the heart. But what if the heart is veiled by fear to move in the direction of your calling? Or sadder yet, there might be so much conditioning, that you have no clue of what’s your heart calling is.

As children we’ve learned to listen to the voices around us, which eventually become our own inner voice, eluding the real perception of ourselves and others.

I internalized deeply some of those external voices and in the process lost my own. At the age of six in a sleep away camp in Soviet Union, I lost my voice. And it remained lost for many years.

Even after years of freedom, living a non-dual recognition of my fundamental nature, somatic stored fears were continuing to control my behavior. For seven years I couldn’t speak my truth, speak in public or express myself. There was so much I wanted to share.

That’s when I found Scott’s work. It resonated so deeply with the organically unfolding self-inquiry process within me. It confirmed my observation of the alchemical liberating attributes of awareness penetrating the human realm, it illumines all the conditioned, unconscious stories. 

Kiloby Inquiries became a perfect container for even deeper transformation! The tools are simple, yet laser sharp for deprogramming all suffering and any remaining energetic separation from the totality of existence.  It clears everything that is in the way of LOVE! Not romantic love, but Spirit in Action.

KI Sessions are profound and liberating. I discovered hidden scripts that even with years of living from awareness I was not conscious of. In my first session with Scott I discovered “a deep shame I had around my awakening” that prevented me from stepping into my voice & power.

In another session with Dan McLintock a co-developer of KI… I became aware of my avoidance of “an inter-generational struggle to survive”, this lead me to my own self-inquiry two weeks later. Becoming a loving space to and liberating the fear of the “six-year-old me” terrified of my mom’s absence and violence when she as a single parent of two was struggling to survive.  

“If you inquire skillfully, any profound change you experience will be highly contagious to those around you and to those you talk to. It will positively affect everyone you meet. That’s how we truly change the world for the better! We start from within…”

Scott Kiloby

Many support sessions and the commitment to mastering KI on my side, brought so much freedom from scripts such as “I need to believe I am lacking to get love and approval” or “I need to stay small and powerless to get love and acceptance”

I’ve seen so much transformation in me and others through a skillful use of KI that I continued to practice and became a certified Kiloby Inquiries facilitator & now am a part of a growing community of awake innovative individuals. With the help of KI my fears subsided, my voice & confidence had returned and my purpose birthed itself.

If you feel some resonance with my story, I would encourage you to check out these powerful inquiry tools that can liberate the fears that are in your way of bringing your healing massage into the world.

Now when there is nothing in the way of love, I am ready to assist others that are tired to try to fix that which was never broken in first place.

Join me, and the founders Scott Kiloby & Dan McLintock in the upcoming training March 2021Kiloby Inquiries Personal Mentorship for inner freedom with an optional add-on to become a Certified KI Facilitator yourself!