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Heal Before you Act

Be the change that you want to see in the world

When our own past is not healed and liberated, it will always comeback to generate suffering for ourselves and others. It will always feel extremely real and valid and very deeply personal triggering a continuous engagement in wars against this or that, as well as the daily war against ourselves.

I am afraid we are not ready yet collectively to act from wholeness, dealing with so many control issues at hand. I know action is needed, but when acting from pain and division, we are just going to create more suffering and at best, very temporary change.

I am not an activist in spirit so I don’t have any solutions to the massive insanity that is happening globally. I can only have an apparent choose in my immediate situation, therefore “be the change you want to see in the world” is the only change that resonates with me.

At the end we are all still having a human experience and it can never be perfect, but through practice and commitment to Truth, the ego can become transparent and the mind can quiet and the past traumas can be released, so that the way of LIFE itself can shine through.  

Only when we realize that we are not a mind construct fused with emotional triggers, associated with believes and opinions… only when we realize that we are already whole; seeing, living, breathing, feeling that we are one BEING, not above, or better, or smarter, or lower, but the same in ALL… only then, lasting transformation can happen.

Meditate, Inquire, Live from the Heart!