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Gorgeous Blue Being

I’m sitting right here on the beach – Gorgeous blue waters and the infinite sky. Soaring pelicans glide inches above the waves gracefully reminding me of freedom and oneness with the intuitive flow of life. Their sounds are so soothing, as the language of nature expresses without interpretation.

There’s a part of me that is one with them, and there’s a part of me that is blissfully jealous of them, while there is still a deeper part of me, that is utterly beyond both, that which is one with the infinite sky and the deep blue of the ocean.

Unspoken silence beyond all language is no longer found in meditation, and no longer derived from lack of noise, but rather is experienced in the merging with all the beauty and the innocence of wildlife, uncontaminated by the human blindness and their profoundly painful ignorance.

My meditation is – being lost in the spaciousness of the beach, dissolving into the greenery of the jungle, and flying with the gliding birds. I fade away into the murmuring of the waves, where there’s no division between I, the jungle, and the seeing. All is but one silent awe – beyond any words and meaning.

Within the vigilance of this restful moment, a very well acquainted inner guest arrives, saying – “While there is so much emphasis on life purpose these days, I have no idea what am I here to share with the world”, “I don’t know what life wants and how am I needed?”

“What I do know though, is that I would love to share whatever that might be, without the use of digital devices, without being forever glued to a computer screen in front of my kids.” “Perhaps it can be shared in the community and expand mouth to mouth?” “Hmmm, the idea of a digital detox retreats named “Disconnect to Reconnect” is quite appealing at this very moment.” I pause to feel the space from which words rise and fall, and wait for the answer to arise:

It seems that what is needed and is urged to be shared with others is the ever available peace of their Being, the invitation to deprogram and the simplicity of living from the heart coupled with the non-importance of the content in our head that follows. The arguments, the judgments, the noise, the preconceptions, the beliefs and even the visions we have of the future, all interfere with the true unfolding of grace.

In my experience, it is absolutely perfect and peaceful to be in complete surrender to the unknown, like in childhood… one just needs to be reminded of how to rest there and take inspired action when necessary. Life knows exactly what to manifest, for the greater good of all.

The sound of the ocean brings me back to its depth, and the mysteriousness of its majestic blue being! The ever-changing sky, an eternity that expands beyond the capacity of the mind to grasp, has pushed the inner emptiness forth, engulfing the sonance of the contemplation on life’s purpose into serene stillness.

The meditative state is found in the freedom of the urge to do, the urge to be someone we’re not, and the relaxed attitude in the face of ups and downs of life’s roller-coaster. The meditative state is found in a moment to moment dissolution of the attachment and the aversion to the present or the past.

The enchanting shimmering light of the sun upon the ever-blues of the waters suggests that all is well, even when it seems that we are anxiously trying to consume our way into human extinction.