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Deficiency to Liberation

Do you feel disconnected from the world around you? Do you want to do something close to your heart but stumble, believing you’re not good enough? Do you retreat to spirituality in search of meaning and connection, to find yourself free only during meditations, or chanting, and then back in suffering when you are in the world of relationships?

You are not alone! All of us carry an imprinted belief that we are deficient. An inheritance of sorts, passed down from generation to generation, a program causing us to seek outside ourselves for what we feel is lacking and hiding in fear from situations that challenge our all-too-familiar inner narrative.

I was there, and I remember continually needing some form of substance to be at ease relating, driven by my “unlovable-self story” to be more, to be perfect so that I could be noticed. Craving connection and intimacy, therefore, using more drugs and alcohol to ease the energetic blockages and medicate that six-year old’s pain of being neglected and her somatically stored fear of not being good enough to be worthy of love.

We hold back from life because it’s too scary, but in truth, we built too many layers of protection around our open hearts a long time ago that prevent us to live and relate from openness. I call these veils – deficiency stories, for the most part, they run our actions and reactions when it comes to others.

The deficiency story is like a false script that tells a fundamental lie about who we really are, a script we carry around from our childhood into adulthood. It’s directly related to the belief in being a separate person. In reality, there is no deficient self; we just believe that there is. And it appears as some version of “there is something wrong with me.”

Life will perpetually mirror back to us the deficiency story, and when we mistake it to be ourselves, we fall into its emotional trap. At first, these unresolved energies are terrified of being exposed, leaving our hearts unprotected, and we experience fear.

But the paradox is that we are only holding back from ourselves all that we are not experiencing under their spell: connection, intimacy, acceptance, showing up, sharing our gifts and our deeply loving hearts!

Meeting each other in the awake state of safe vulnerability, we are able to take the risk to engage with our inner world and break down core stories into words, pictures, and energies making the scary business of living less threatening and more playful.

That’s why I created Presence Alchemy – a transformational approach to DEPROGRAM core deficiency stories through remembrance of wholeness. Now equipped with the skillful tools of “Kiloby Inquiries” I am extending the invitation to a profound ground of freedom that I am living from moment to moment. By combing non-duality and self-inquiry, you will get the best of both worlds – awake & playfully human.

To lose your inner world is timeless silence. It is to return as grace.

If you are a spiritual, empathic, visionary and gifted individual and you would like to move through fear and into the world more fully with your gifts, recognizing your true limitless nature and would like to know more about the process, schedule here a free discovery call.