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Birth Without Fear

Woke up this morning with a revelation of bringing Kiloby Inquiries to pregnant mama’s to be, in order to unpack conditioned fear. Years ago after experiencing what a love paradigm unconditioned birthing is, I became a *doula to support women through their birth process… but quickly burned out from the insanity of industrialized medicated fear base madness that awaits almost every pregnant & laboring woman, especially if she is without any support.

I had my last two births without fear. Over the year’s existence moved out of my head and into my body. From presence, equipped with self-inquiry, powered by hours of unassisted birth videos I deprogrammed the conditioned fear surrounding birth. I had complete trust in my body and in the birthing process.

My two boys were born at home in water, with lots of intimacy, love and bonding. They were calm and soothed, always on my skin, nursing, sleeping for hours quiet and so adored. For me those two births were empowering, fast and ecstatic. They were abundant of the right hormones to bond and serve the new little humans manifested. It was most gentle beginning but it doesn’t stop there, parents need to do lots of deprogramming especially during the first years, so that they can be the loving presence in which the child can thrive. Raising an aware child, keeping their light on, is easy, when we do our own inner deprogramming work.

“I imagine a world in which all humans are born with an intact capacity to love, and I am willing to devote my life to making it happen.”

Robin Lim

Now imagine the birth in a hospital, for the mother – dis-empowering roller-coaster, a complete medical rape and I speak from experience. For the newborn painful shocking and terrifying somatic memory. In my short lived *doula business, I witnessed horrible things done to healthy, strong, but extremely vulnerable mothers and babies.

If our entrance to the world of form is through dis-empowerment, manipulation & violence, how do we expect our children to be empowered to move into the world without fear? Both mother and baby will have to deal with this tragic shock in their systems. Although normalized, industrial birth is not in favor of gentle, undisturbed sacred birth. Right after a birth which is disconnected from our God state, the mother is highly prone to consequences such as depression, and lack of breastmilk. The father without the connection to the rawness of birth and the immediate bonding with the child might go though a faze of feeling lost & abandoned, and for the baby it will register as an overwhelmed nervous system.

For a woman who is pregnant, and is doing her own research and homework to have a gentle birth tools such as Kiloby Inquiries are as fundamental as drinking water. I am moved to bring this work to all the birth workers, so that they can help parents to deprogram fear and facilitate an entrance into this world within the container of unconditional love, intimacy and real heart nourishing human bonding.

“Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have.”

Robin Lim

I am contemplating a Kiloby Inquiries Training summer 2021 for birth & postpartum *doulas, as well as all different modalities of parent counselors. Please share KI with all parents; pregnant or rising children. For lots of children and parents, love and intimacy is, as important as basic needs.

*Doula – A support person, usually female, who may not have medical or midwifery training, who provides emotional assistance to a mother or pregnant couple before, during or after childbirth.