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Acceptance, a doorway to Freedom

“A total acceptance of yourself brings about a total transcendence of yourself.” – Adyashanti

We all carry some suppressed impressions from the past, unconsciously allowing it to distort our reality, ability to relate, show up in the world, and accept ourselves exactly as we are. When triggered, we interact with ourselves and the world around us through the lens of the past. We are either driven or frozen in inaction, by the energetic and somatically stored pain, with all it’s developed coping strategies and protections.

When those unconscious stories and painful memories get revealed, we have great difficulty dealing with acceptance & meet face to face with resistance, also known as protection.

1. The first step to emotional freedom is awareness. Get to know the coping strategies intimately. What happens inside when you get triggered? Do you overcompensate with thinking, eating, blaming, withdrawing, medicating, running away, hiding?

2. The next stage is radical acceptance of life exactly as it is or as it was, even when it does not make any sense to our rational mind. To do that, we need to have great compassion toward what is happening, as well as toward everyone involved.

3. The next step is crucial, shifting our perception from content (noise in the head) to that which is aware of the content – awareness! When the coping strategies are at play, to disengage from thinking, focus your energy and attention on sensory experience only! Don’t get absorbed by the meaning of the stories in your head.

Blaming and finger-pointing at other people’s ignorant and immature actions will not solve the situation but only bring more emotional pain and resistance to accept.

4. Radical acceptance does not mean you agree with a situation or an action done. It means you are acknowledging that this is how things are or were. Acceptance means not fighting reality.

5. Acceptance is a doorway to freedom.

6. Inquiry & presence are the tools for deprogramming the past.

If you are struggling with something that is in the way of peace and self-love right now, and radical acceptance is not enough, reach out to me, and I can teach you a tool that will deprogram that which is in the way of clarity, growth and full acceptance of yourself & life as it is.